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Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
... and... then... using plywood ... to... launch himself... over... the courthouse ... fountaii...///. several... laws... were broken ... during the dangerous maneuver,.../// which... has become... a... you-tube sensation. p(sundia)"" notice he picked up the speed.. then went thouuht they would use curve cuts ffr ttat.. aad went right overr. very nicely done.. i love it." it." deputies... with the harford county sherrif's office... say... be--airr.. policee.. are investigattng the case... at maryland's biggest casino at starting tohire another 11- hundred workers. that's because voters approved question expand gambling...and allow casinos to stay open24-hours a day. mmryland live ooner david cordish....ays 800 of ttose new employees willbe table game ddalers.and the casino will pay or tteir training. of marrlanders and thousands of ppople who live nearby here and we're fulfilling it." it."live, tableegames are exppcted o premierat arundel casinosby early spping. a... great day baatimore... is... celebrating... &p the... grand.
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
he is downtown now to tell us what the city is doing about them.paul-- you can almost use the same jjst substitute he details. ...the roaddand the size of the main.kurt kocher with puullccworks says the ccuse acidic sool, shifts in the : - earth, changes in temperature...but the number oneeccuse undouutedly: is age. thess piies are old.kocher says they're meant toolast 75 today's break on madison was 30 inches.another breek on phhladelphia road in esssx was 16 inches.last 60 inchee.(they're still prying to fix that.)koohee saas they've secured $300 million dollarr-- mainly rom yoor and my water starts ith doing 20 mileesof pipes y next year.working up to 150 miles oo the ccty pipelinn in the nexx five yeaas. kurt kocher, baltimore dept. of publii works: "if we don't situation like this where a - you're gonna have older mains getting older and not beinn kept uu with ii terms of the replacement ttmeethat's required of them by industry kocher tells me they consissently work on an average of hree atee main breaks per day.they've recieved ásome stimulus money, but he s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2